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If you need to know more information about our services, prices or to make a booking, please call Mitch without delay. He will honestly answer your plumbing or gas fitting questions and arrange to give you a custom quote. Here are a few frequesntly asked questions that may help in the mean time.

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Leak Detection Questions

Turn off all your taps including toilet taps to make sure there is no water running.
Check water meter to see if it is moving.
Wait 5 – 10 minutes watching the meter.
If it is moving, there IS a water leak.

Unless you have been using water for specific purposes which are not normal everyday usage, you may then have a water leak.

Also you may be able to claim back a portion of the cost from the Water Board if it was out of your control. An Exgratia Form would be filled out by us.

You may have a water leak in your hot water supply.
Turn the inlet valve off to the Hot Water System.
If the water stops running then you have a leak in the Hot Water Service.

In some cases your Insurance company may cover you for all or part there of.